Limuru Town is conveniently located such that wherever you wish to go you don’t get bogged down in traffic. Being only two km off the main Nairobi Nakuru highway, it means you can access most places directly from the main highway. Going to Machakos and the Eastern areas, the southern bypass is ideal. Going to Thika, Muranga, Nyeri, Meru etc you access Thika road through Kiambu. Coming to Limuru from Nairobi, there are three main routes; the main Nairobi Nakuru Highway is the fastest being dual carriage way. Then there is Ruaka/Ndenderu road via Redhill, and Ruaka/Banana road via Tigoni. The Kenya Railways commuter train also serves Limuru. The morning train departs limuru 5.30 AM arriving Nairobi 7.30 AM. The evening train departs Nairobi 5.30 PM arriving Limuru 7.30 PM. The old mode of donkey transport that was a typical feature within Limuru has largely been replaced by boda boda and tuktuks.

Limuru is also home to St Paul University, and two National schools namely Limuru Girls High School and Loreto Girls High. There are also several Primary schools, both public and private. Most of the private primary schools and kindergartens provide transport but at an extra cost. There is a level 4 Govt Hospital, Tigoni, and two other fully fledged private Hospitals namely Kijabe Mission Hospital, and Nazareth Hospital. Besides these two there are other private clinics which provide emergency services.

When it comes to leisure, Limuru is not to be left behind. Limuru Golf Club is available to members. There have been a number of attempts to provide outside children entertainment, but with very little success. This could be due to the cold weather. The same could be said of swimming. Only the very brave can attempt to swim in Limuru. There is, however, the recently opened, adrenaline rushing Burudani Adventure Park. This is proving popular particularly for team building. Another popular place for team building is The Dam Redhill. This joint is set in a valley with a dam. It is therefore shielded from the cold breeze common in Limuru. Nyama choma is also very popular in Limuru. There being two slaughterhouses, fresh meat is available in plenty. Night life, however, is restricted to bars. Dancing is not a common feature in Limuru.

And now a parting shot. The cold weather in Limuru runs from April to end of August, with a climax in June/July. During this period, temperatures can drop to as low as 7 degrees centigrade. It is, therefore, wise to cover oneself appropriately. During this time, hawkers would be having a field day selling all manner of second- hand warm clothes. Welcome to LIMURU.